Even today we do what we have always done, with the same determination, with more and more experience: Serates, innovative technical fabrics since 1977.

Serates is a factory specialized in the production of innovative technical fabrics for active sport fashion attire sector.


We believe in research in the textile industry.

We go into new path with the confidence that comes from what we have learned and the curiosity to experiment with new fibers, yarns, textile finishing.

The collection Serates arises from the combination of two basic elements:

extensive experience in the production of innovative technical fabrics +

continued testing of raw materials, production methods and technologies in the textile field.



We are an Italian family business.

Serates is now a company run by two generations that combine experience, vitality and determination in a joint project to address changes in the textile industry which is constantly evolving.

Serates factory is a complete cycle.

Serates controls all the steps leading to the production of a technical fabric: weaving, dyeing, finishing in specialized departments and equipped with latest equipment. This allows us to offer a fully customizable and exclusive.



We are a flexible company.

We have a lean organization typical of small business, this allows us to do product development quickly and to respond quickly to market demands.



We do everything in our territory in Italy: the district of Como.

Everything happens within a radius of 20 kilometers and is based on skills and passion of the people working in the historic textile district of Como, territory recognized throughout the world for its extraordinary tradition in the production of textiles.




70% of our customers are with us for more than 20 years.

Serates offers its customers a personalized service, establishing with them a serious relationship and positive which is based on a prompt service and availability to our customers.