Serates proposes a collection of technical fabrics for active sport and sportswear fashion attire. 

The Serates collection includes 3 lines of technical fabrics that have in common the same formula, that is, the unique combination of two elements that makes this an exclusive collection:

Technical contents from the experts of the active sport and outdoor sector, which means continuous innovation and ability to respond to precise standards - of elasticity, water-repellency, impermeability, breathability, moisture management etc.

Fashion design contents, with strong sensibility to the different aspects that makes the fabric a fashion product, which means particular attention to the colors, composition, yarns used, effects of texture and the skill with special finishes.

 The Serates technical fabrics collection is the product of this excellent combination. New every season, filtered by the competence and sensibility of who creates it, from persons that through the fabric express what they are and what they love to do.

Serates are expert in technical fabrics, loved by those who do fashion.