Serates Hydrocity

Serates Hydrocity is a line of technical fabrics for outerwear city sportswear, designed with the aim of providing a high-end fashion product, with an excellent quality / price ratio.

Serates Hydrocity offers synthetic base fabrics with special finishes that combine a fresh and modern performance requirements appropriate to use the summer or winter outerwear for the citywear.

Water-repellent fabrics and resin to allow us to get the right effects rubberized, wax, coatings for reverse allow us to add to the functions of finishing operations (waterproof, breathable, anti-feather) features the touch of fullness, slipperiness, smoothness according to specific customer requirements .

All this (fabric, dyeing and finishing) designed, managed and monitored internally, within the specialized departments that make up Serates: a reality textile cycle.