Serates Ramundo

Serates weaving factory is a classical Italian family firm.

 Ramundo is the name of the family that founded the firm and that today, guides the firm. The Serates Ramundo line expresses the passion of this family towards fabrics and towards fashion.

Serates Ramundo is the most imaginative line of the collection, where the designers freely use all of the most innovative textile techniques to get special effects and designs.

The strong specialization matured over the years in the choice of special yarns and in the functional characteristics of membranes, coatings and finishing, is combined with the taste of "Made in Italy" for the pattern effects obtained through engraving, laminations and jacquard effects.

All this to give life to a collection of fabrics for attire that is total look which is able to confirm the clear position of Serates in the textile sector:

Expert in the technical fabrics loved by those who do fashion.

We invent fabrics, seek effects, designs and combinations of colors always new that express what we like to do and what we think our clients would like.  We have done this for a long time with the same passion for fabrics and for our work.


Special Down Jackets

Technical fabrics for down jackets done with personalized micro-designs using the jacquard technique or with micro-tartan effects or pied de poule with dyed yarns.  This development has been conceptualized to propose fabrics that give the classical down jacket a premium image.

Double Waterproof

Waterproof fabrics, with a solid color on the side of the fabric to be used externally, micro design prints on the inside of the fabric for unlined garments.

Wrinkled Designs

Ink jet printing on cotton bases and pure steel that allow the fabrics to preserve the wrinkled look, or ink jet printing on fabrics that subsequently are super wrinkled with the "crash” effect.


Jacquard fabrics pretreated with pigmented resins to wash after they have been used for manufacturing the garments.

3D Fabrics

Three-dimensional effect patterns obtained through the different tensions of the elastic yarns that compose the fabrics, or on synthetic fabrics through the technique of hot engraving.

Design on Design

Pigment engravings on jacquard fabrics dyed in light weight thread for outerwear, this technique allows overlapping of the printed effect with the pattern effect of the fabric.

Supermetal pants

Laminated metallic effect on elasticized cotton fabrics, introduced on solid or jacquard monochrome, for pants.