About us

Serates weaving factory since 1977 is a specialized firm in the production of woven technical fabrics to address the active sport and fashion attire sector.


With this strong specialization, Serates – which is among the top firms in Europe for its segment of the market – will soon become a benchmark for the most important garment makers in the worlds of ski, golf and tennis, creating with them a solid relationship of trust and contributing together to write a part of the history of active sport attire.


Adidas, Anzi Besson, Colmar, C.P. Company, Ellesse, La Font, Lutha, Samas and Silvy are among the clients that have made growth and development of the firm possible in the eighties.


Critical factors for this success are strong specialization on a specific market segment, which Serates addresses with a high level of technical expertise from the development of the prototype to industrial supply.The technical capabilities are the basis of this success combined with the creativity in product development, proposing original interpretations as feedback to clients requests.

Serates grows with the ability to communicate with the designers in the industry proactively finding solutions to translate ideas of style in the finished fabric. 


This is a job that happens hand in hand with the clients, from one idea to another that leads to testing on the looms, to the development of a concept in a physical sample that becomes a finished article destined to dress athletes and lovers of sport.


During the years, technical fabrics are not only appreciated by the brand names of sporting attire but more often by the principal brands of the fashion sector.


Serates consolidates and increases its client portfolio by positioning itself in the market as specialized weavers in the production of technical fabrics with a mentality directed to the world of fashion, which means: search for colors, effects, fantasies; approach directed to the development of personalized themes.


 To date, Serates affirms this positioning: experts in technical fabrics, loved by those who do fashion.